When we lead our clients through visioning sessions to explore the desired look, feel and functionality of their environments, we use empathy and amenity mapping and top dot exercises to engage clinicians, patients, family members and project leaders in a dynamic conversation around key experience drivers.  

As a healthcare interior designer I’ve always seen myself as an advocate.  I think we bring our best efforts forth to our clients when we can imagine every healthcare environment through the eyes of a patient, their families, and their caregivers.

The Vision Before the Design: Empathy is the Key

Successful projects require many components. Multi-disciplinary user groups, administrative support,

Healthcare Programming 2.0

Whenever a new project starts, the client is excited about the prospect of a new unit or building designed for them. So much so that I sometimes think the clinicians might show up to the first meeting ready to swing a hammer or pour some concrete as though they were starting a home improvement project. […]

One of the most challenging tasks that architects face is how to convey design intent in a way that transcends aesthetics (which can be deeply personal and sometimes divisive) by describing the measurable, operational value (which is uniting and helps drive project progress) that good design can achieve. The project clarity and vision that we […]

Challenge As Array Architects refined its project delivery processes into a lean culture, our work environment had become a barrier with desks that were oversized and divisions in the studio that made collaboration difficult. Solution After an exhaustive search for the perfect location, the space was found. Drastic changes had to be made in five months to become […]

The Healing Power of Art

Featured in Medical Construction + Design, June 19, 2014. Environments have the power to set our expectations, lift our spirits and inspire hope. The design of the interior environment can positively affect the expectations of patients and their loved ones. To inspire confidence and reduce stress, the environments must be in sync with an organization’s reputation, […]

Challenge Focused on their mission to provide comprehensive community health management in the shifting healthcare landscape, Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida sought to create an integrated medical home outpatient center. Solution Working closely with developer Anchor Health Properties, Array conducted Process-led design worksessions to engage stakeholders, define key goals and develop the […]