How do healthcare facilities managers ensure optimal patient flow, prevent overcrowding and set the stage for continued service line expansion? Renovation and expansion are critical tools in achieving these goals, but they must be coupled with sound, process-led design and a multidimensional approach to defining and solving problems. Array was engaged by Robert Wood Johnson […]

Ambulatory Care: New England’s Wicked Challenges

This blog concludes a three-part synopsis of a brainstorming session about ambulatory care facility development that Array co-sponsored in New England. As covered in Parts one and two, there are many items to consider when deciding how to approach this strategy and building type. Part three will wrap up the series listing some challenges that […]

Healthcare Programming 2.0

Whenever a new project starts, the client is excited about the prospect of a new unit or building designed for them. So much so that I sometimes think the clinicians might show up to the first meeting ready to swing a hammer or pour some concrete as though they were starting a home improvement project. […]

Ambulatory Care Trends: New England & Beyond

Two months ago, I posted a blog about a roundtable with Boston-area hospital leaders. Two major takeaways were the ambulatory care trends in the industry and the challenges about expanding services. In this blog, I outline the trends, which I believe many regions will draw similar conclusions. 

A Case for Adaptive Reuse in Healthcare

There are a variety of factors informing a healthcare system’s decision to expand its outpatient service offering.

Array recently co-sponsored an event about how healthcare institutions in New England, primarily the Boston Area, are approaching ambulatory care. We invited a cross section of developers, property owners, facility leaders, real estate leaders and designers; all who have a great understanding of this particular market. It was enlightening to hear what stakeholders are facing these days, […]

As the healthcare landscape shifts, many providers are delivering care in innovative ways. With the goal of integrating into their patients daily lives, providers are also searching for new, conveniently-located facilities capable of accommodating a wide array of ambulatory services ranging from a simple exam, consultation or blood draw room to more complex procedures, including […]

Ambulatory Drivers: Part Two, FLEXIBILITY

The ambulatory care revolution has made healthcare providers around the country acutely aware of the value of their real estate footprint. Every square foot counts. Every staff member provides value. Efficiency and flexibility are two buzzwords often cited as key factors in the design and planning of medical office buildings and ambulatory surgery centers, but […]